• Kristie Owen

Still - Independent Short Film

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Currently in post-production.

Still Short Film shot in Brisbane in December 2018

In the months after a tragic loss, Rosie has found herself in a mental fog. Lost and unsure where or who to turn to, Rosie shuts out those around her. However, with the impending anniversary marking where her emotional journey began, she must learn to work through her grief or be consumed by it. 

We live in a time where traumatic events have become a taboo topic. These events are hardly discussed openly as society deems them too raw to talk about aloud. After a tragic loss, Rosie has to discover a way to handle her emotions while struggling to accept her grief. 'Still' is Ashley Tobin's film debut as a screenwriter/director that explores the internal struggles associated with still births. The message of Still is that support is all around you, don't shut it out.

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